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APTA's TRANSform Expo 2023


Transit & Shuttle Bus

 APTA's TRANSform Expo 2023

  Orlando, Florida             October 9-11, 2023                 trade show booth icon  Booth 4169

We had a great time attending the APTA Expo in Orlando, FL. At our booth, we exhibited some of our automotive vision safety products and latest technology. Take a look below to find out more information about the products we showcased at APTA. 

Rosco's Showcased Products


Digital Camera and Monitor System: The next evolution of standard rearview safety mirrors.

  • Wider and deeper Field-of-View (FOV).
  • Smaller blind zones.
  • Better visibility and brighter images during day, night, and all weather conditions.
  • Aerodynamic design for fuel savings & efficient operations.


360HD™ 3D Surround View System: A commercial grade, surround view, aerial camera system for transit and shuttle buses.

  • Visual coverage of blind zones that are pertinent to large vehicles.
  • Reduce the risk of collisions with Vulnerable Road Users.
  • Expanded side vision when reversing into a blind zone.


The Mobileye® Shield+ System is the most advanced technology for preventing collisions between vehicles and vulnerable road users (VRUs) including pedestrians and cyclists. 

  • Identify exact geo-location of incidents.
  • Locate and pinpoint potential “hot spots” on driving routes.
  • Warnings for potential & imminent collisions.


AI Powered Video Recorder & Fleet Management Solution: Capture and process full HD footage of the driver and the road with local and cloud storage options.

  • Real-time live streaming video
  • Monitor fatigue & drowsiness, phone usage & distracted driving
  • Receive real-time alerts & notifications

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About the Expo

APTA EXPO is the public transportation industry’s long- standing, premier resource for advancing mobility systems through a robust showcase of the latest-breaking technologies, products, and services. To learn more, please visit APTA's TRANSform Conference & Expo 2023 website.