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TICO Supplier Dealer Meeting

Orlando, FL

July 31-August 6, 2023

Rosco is excited to be a part of the TICO Supplier Dealer Meeting, taking place in Park City, UT from August 2-4, 2023. At Rosco Vision, we are dedicated to advancing safety standards in the trucking industry That's why we offer a range of innovative automotive vision safety products for the trucking industry including the DCAMS e-mirror, DV6 HD Video Recorder, and the Eye-Max LED.

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Rosco's Showcased Products


Digital Camera and Monitor System: The next evolution of standard rearview safety mirrors.

  • Wider and deeper Field-of-View (FOV).
  • Smaller blind zones.
  • Better visibility and brighter images during day, night, and all weather conditions.
  • Aerodynamic design for fuel savings & efficient operations.

Box TRuck Navistar with Eyemax  -night blue bgEye-Max LED 

Eye-Max® LED: Cross view mirror with undermount LED Lights for maximum vision.

  • LEDs automatically trigger with door opening.
  • Shut off delay to ensure time for inspection.
  • Enhanced definition (larger image) of students passing through danger zones around bus.
  • Reduced forward blind spots and sun glare.

DV660 r.01.21DV6

AI Powered Video Recorder & Fleet Management Solution: Capture and process full HD footage of the driver and the road with local and cloud storage options.

  • Real-time live streaming video
  • Monitor fatigue & drowsiness, phone usage & distracted driving
  • Receive real-time alerts & notifications
  • Powered by AI to reduce high-risk driving with ADAS and DMS technology.